Work Related Projects

All projects listed below I was a Programmer (Unity C#)

Divexor is a Sci-Fi, story driven game with RPG features, upgrades, collectibles and fast paced, action-oriented gameplay.
It takes place in 3rd person format and is intended for players who like exploration, as well as cynical commentary and classic action orientated gameplay.



There's a zombie outbreak at your gig, but who is infected and who's just a fan? Protect your singer and reputation to survive the set.
Our game won the Jam we entered in Audio, Graphics, and Overall!
Concept: Simon van Wyk & Jake Waldron
Art & Animation: Richard Bolland
Code: Ashveer Jugdav
Music & Copy: Simon van Wyk
Made for Wonderjam 4
Reverse Racing - taking racing to a new gear!
For centuries we've been racing the wrong way round. If you're going to make your opponents eat your dust, you might as well be facing them so you can watch it happen. In this game, you need to reverse around the track, avoiding obstacles and getting boosts to bolster your position. Finish the race to uncover another twist.
Concept & Copy: Simon van Wyk
Art & Design: Richard Bolland
Code: Ashveer Jugdav
Music: Jake Waldron
Made for April Fools Day Jam
There is only one rule: Make sure the shuttlecock doesn’t explode in your court.

You wake up on a plane after a dream that you've just crashed. Is it a deadly premonition, or just a bit of cheese you ate?

Play as Miles in a race against the clock to try and save your plane from impending doom in this fun point-and-click adventure inspired by the classic LucasArts games of the 90s.

Manage a fleet of robots cleaning up a beach. Sell the items they find and trash the rubbish. Upgrade your robots to collect more items and sweep faster.

Yeah, I’ve Seen That! is a party game where you need to convince your friends you've seen a film, even if you haven’t.

Soarus is a single and local-multiplayer dinosaur racing game. Post your fastest time in the comments!